Reviews for: Magigoo Bed adhesive pen (50ml) Version V1

Date: Friday 22 March, 2019
Author: Guest
Reviews for: Magigoo Bed adhesive pen (50ml) Version V1


I use this on a heated glass (borosilicate) bed. For ABS the bed is set to 100C (surface approx 88C) for PLA temp is set to 50C (Surface approx 42C).
The Magigoo works perfect under the following conditions:
Spread enough Goo so you have a good bonding layer (layer not too thin).

Then it works perfect, no warping and after the bed has cooled down to approx 25C the object is completely loose.

The only not optimal thing is the tip of the bottle. The spreader works only when you are patient and shake the bottle well. Also it is not perfectly smooth. You have "stripes" because of the spreader.

I understand that the manufacturer changed the tip. Probably that is the reason why presently Magigoo is on sale here.

Evaluation:4 of 5 Stars!


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