3DGence Double 3D Printer P255 - Demo

  • 3DGence Double 3D Printer P255 - Demo
  • 3DGence Double 3D Printer P255 - Demo
  • 3DGence Double 3D Printer P255 - Demo
  • 3DGence Double 3D Printer P255 - Demo
  • 3DGence Double 3D Printer P255 - Demo
  • 3DGence Double 3D Printer P255 - Demo
  • 3DGence Double 3D Printer P255 - Demo

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3DGence Double 3D Printer P255 - Demo

revised, like new!


Dual extruder 3D printer with the ability to print using two materials – model and support. Developed for professional use.
3DGence DOUBLE P255 was designed to create high-quality and detailed prints, due to the possibility of using a soluble support material.

in the box:

  • Double P255 3D-Printer
  • Double Cover
  • 1kg 3DGence PLA
  • 250g Verbatim BVOH


  Specifications                    3DGence Double Flyer

  3DGence User Manual       3DGence Slicer Software

Swappable hotends
Get rid of the limits.

Dual head module – mounted in two independent hotends allow printing with model and support material. By lifting the inactive hotend and mechanical clogging of the nozzles, the prints are cleaner and more precise.
PUSH – quick hotend exchange system. This solution enables to replace the hotends in just a few seconds, without the use of any tools. 3DGence’s proprietary hotends guarantee high-quality printouts.

Material flow control system
The end or jam of filament is not a problem.
The use of double independent filament sensors allows the printer to control filament flow.
The extrusion quality measurement system is equipped with automatic error detection, which enables constant supervision over the quality of each printout. 3DGence DOUBLE will automatically pause the printout if there will be a shortage of material in the feeding system.


There is no need for the user to calibrate the device manually.
Due to special sensors, the 3D printer scans the heatbed and stores the map of points, the device detects any surface irregularities. The measurement of the height of the head above the heatbed is done automatically.
This solution provides a significant increase in quality and eliminates the problem with adhesion between printouts and the surface.

Adjust the filament for application.
Dual material printing – two hotends enable printing from model and support material.
Soluble support material – supports of the 3D model are printed from water-soluble material for PET and PLA, which enables the removal of the support in an easy way.

Available materials combinations:

  • PLA + BVOH
  • PET + BVOH
  • PP + HIPS

Ceramic heatbed
Remove the prinouts in a simple way.
Ceramic heatbed creates a natural-looking texture on the bottom of every printout, which makes them easy to remove.
Interchangeable heatbed – the possibility of an independent
and quick replacement of the printer heatbed.

Dedicated electronics
Safety first.

3DGence Titanium has two levels of thermal protection of the hotend and 3 levels of thermal protection of the heatbed. Electronics is additionally equipped with circuit and overload protection.
Dedicated, intelligent stepper motor controllers – their use results in quieter operation of the printer, and high positioning precision.

Technical details:

Printing technology

Build volume

Layer resolution (min)

Printing nozzles

Nozzle diameter

Filament diameter

Model filament type

Support filament type


Hotend temperature (max)

Heatbed temperature (max)

FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)

190×255×195 mm

50 microns


0.4/0.4 mm

1.75 mm

PLA, PET, PP, NYLON, Fiberflex 40D (elastic)







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