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Open Source 3D Software for your 3D printer

Below you will find links and more information about freely available 3D design software, 3D modeling software and 3D scanning software for your 3D printer. Further provides you 3D-Printerstore with current updates, downloads, slicing tools and many other useful extensions for your 3D printer for the home as well as 3D scanner for free download.

Software for 3D printer control

RepetierRepetier Host
Repetier is a software which allows you to control your 3D printer. It intersects the model in horizontal slices (layers) generates tool paths, filling properties, and calculates the amount of material that are used for extrusion. As Slicer slic3r is integrated. Also you can work in Reptier with Skeinforge.


slic3rslic3r G-code Generator
Slic3r is a tool you need to convert a digital 3D model into print data. It created instructions for your 3D printer. It cuts the model in the horizontal discs (layers) generates tool paths, filling properties, and calculates the amount of material that are used for extrusion. In slic3r allows multiple element on the printer bed place so that the whole surface of the printer can be utilized.



With Cura to create a printable g-code for 3D printers. The software is designed eigentlioch for the Ultimaker, but can also control other printer based on the RepRap technology. It can also use Cura to further functions in addition to the technical standard print settings.



With Mattercontroll you have integrated all the benefits of Cura and other slicers. Create a printable g-code for 3D printers. The software is open source and can be customized according to the own needs.




Craftware gibt's als Beta-Version gratis zu austesten. Es ein hervorragender Slicer mit dem man auch direkt seinen Drucker ansteuern kann. Vielleicht eine Mischung aus Cura und Sli3er.
Unser Tip: unbedingt versuchen !


3D models - database

A printer itself is not sufficient. One also needs a 3D model of the object have to be printed.
3D-Printerstore offers here a collection of selected links to external sites, all of which offer free and some even open source models either finished or cutting-edge software to create your own models.


3d printing community. Find your design, share them with other enthusiasts.



Thingiverse the Forum of 3d printing is pioneer makerbot.



3d printing community. Find your design, share them with other enthusiasts.




The large database of the nation's largest online 3d Printer gates. Many models are free, others charge.



Software for 3D data processing

Netfabb Basic
netfabb Basic is a freeware for file handling in stl format. The freeware includes advanced model browsing and STL Fixing partial analysis, measurement and quality management. The freeware is also a Basic slicing module and enter the first steps in the 3D printing and data processing.


 netfabb Cloud Service

netfabb Cloud Service
Web-based cloud services to your STL. To analyze, test and zurreparieren data. The netfabb Cloud Services offer a free and easy-to-use solution for anyone with access to an Internet connection and a Web browser. netfabb Cloud Services works on multiple platforms and operating systems, including Windows, Linux and Mac OS.


Your own parametric 3D modeler, create 3D from 2D & back.
With FreeCAD you can draw, dimension and use 2D geometries as a basis for other objects. FreeCAD includes many components for customizing dimensions or extracting design details from 3D models to create high-quality, ready-to-produce drawings.


Google/Trimble Sketchup

Google SketchUp is a simple and very understandable 3D design program. Google introduces tutorisals explaining each individual function of the program as well as provides videos on the Web.


Autodesk 123D design


Autodesk 123D
A simple way to realize your ideas in 3D. Design-123D is a free, powerful yet simple program for creating and editing 3D. The version is also available as an online platform, as well as an app.



A free online service for browser-based 3D modeling. Simple functions, easy to use.




With Tinkercad you can quickly translate your ideas into a CAD model for your 3D printer.
With predetermined shapes you create with just a few mouse clicks your 3D model.



Blender 3D is a very laborious program. It allows user to create animated models. In addition, professional rendering are applied. This very complex program requires some training. However, see the entsprechenen forums for each topic appropriate help. And the best - it's free.



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