HIPS ProFill Filament 2.85mm red RAL 3020

  • HIPS ProFill Filament 2.85mm red RAL 3020
  • HIPS ProFill Filament 2.85mm red RAL 3020

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HIPS  ProFillTM Filament 2.85mm red RAL 3020

The new  ProFill™ Premium Filament is the product of collaboration between 3D-Printerstore.ch and main filament developers of Europe.
Uniformity and precision in manufacturing, and an outstanding flow and print characteristics of our filaments, lead to better and consistent print results. High demands on the printed object and not on the best price of filament - these were the motivations to develop the new  ProFill™ Premium Line.

Clearly structured RAL colors - best printing performance - waiving frills - only professional quality!

ProFill™ HIPS is an easy to print, High Impact Polystyrene filament with multifunctional properties. ProFill™ HIPS is an excellent support material in combination with ABS, because it dissolves in Limonene and ABS remains unaffected.
ProFill™ HIPS  is very suitable for detailed prints, but also for large objects because the material shows very limited warping. Furthermore ProFill™ HIPS  is very light and durable, has good interlayer bonding, can be glued easily and the colors result in a smooth matt surface of the 3D printed objects. High Impact Polystyrene is therefore widely used in model building.


  • High impact-resistance
  • Virtually no "warping"
  • Can be glued easily
  • For matt, detailed, complex or large prints
  • Light and durable
  • Dissolves in Llimonene and is therefore the ideal support material for ABS prints

Printing temperatur
220-260 °C

Heated bed temperatur
Due to the low warp effect a heated print bed is advisable. Recommended about 65-110 ° C

Warp effekt


Reel size

diameter:  200mm
reel hight:  65mm
Hub hole diameter: 53mm

Cool and dry (15-25˚C) and away from UV light. This enhances the shelf life significantly.

Each desktop 3D printer has its own unique characteristics, you might need to tweak around with your temperature settings a bit to obtain the best results. To obtain optimal results for your prints you need to take into account variables like your 3D printer’s nozzle diameter, your printing speed settings, and layer height.

Technical specifications  ProFill™

Thermal properties    
Description Testmethod Typical value
printing temp.   220-260˚C
melting temp.   220˚C ± 40˚C
vicat softening temp. ISO 306 ± 89˚C
Physical properties    
Description Testmethod Typical value
Specific gravity ISO 1183
1,04 g/cc
Tensile modulus ISO 527 1550 MPa
Impact Strength  IDO 179 155 KJ/m²
Size Ø tolerance Roundness
1,75mm ± 0,05mm ≥ 95%
2,85mm ± 0,10mm ≥ 95%



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