Flexible / TPU Filament 2.85mm

Flex / TPU 2.85mm

Flexible / TPU Filament 2.85mm

Flexible filament is a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Elastomers are plastics which elastically deform under different loads such as tension or pressure and then return to their original shape.
We at 3D-Printerstore offer various flexible filaments. These include the excellent filaments from NinjaFlex, flexible nylon or flexible PLA. This is kept flexible with the addition of polyester. So no volatile plasticizers, as with favorable products.

You will find further details on the individual products. See also the print settings.

filament can be printed with similar settings as PLA. With special settings of withdrawal length and speed can improve the quality depending on the pressure. It may also be necessary to decrease the printing speed to approximately 30mm / s.

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