Builder Extreme 1500 3D Grossraumdrucker

  • Builder Extreme 1500 3D Grossraumdrucker
  • Builder Extreme 1500 3D Grossraumdrucker
  • Builder Extreme 1500 3D Grossraumdrucker
  • Builder Extreme 1500 3D Grossraumdrucker

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Builder Extreme 1500 3D Grossraumdrucker

Meet the Builder Extreme 1500 3D printer – Large Scale 3D Printing Made Affordable

The Builder Extreme industrial 3D printer is made to deliver and is often seen as an extra team member. The Builder Extreme 1500 has a maximum build volume 1100x500x820 mm (XYZ) and is fully enclosed to ensure high print quality. The print volume is rare in the 3D printing industry but allows companies to print longer prototypes in one piece. The enclosed chamber in combination with the heated bed (up to 60 degrees) allows the print to stick to the bed perfectly. Files can be uploaded by Wi-Fi or SD card and the on-board camera allows you to check the print status.

The Builder Extreme 3D printer is mainly used for 3D printing prototypes, but is also used for 3D printing production tools, art, moulds, props and statues. Interested to see how other companies are using the Builder Extreme? Read the business cases here.

Prints with PLA, PVA, Flexibel Filament, Wood Filament, Bronze + Copper Filament, PET

Specs Builder Extrem 1500

3D Printer dimensions
1510x790x1550 mm (LxWxH)

Shipping dimensions
1650 x 850 x 1800 mm (LxWxH

Steel – powder coated


225 kg

Wi-Fi (Astroprint), SD Card

480×272 pixels

Dual-Feed Build Size
1100 x 500 x 820 mm (LxWxH)

Unique Dual-Feed system (upgrade kit for PVA and Flex included)

Print speed
10 – 80 mm/s

Travel speed
10 – 120 mm/s

Layer height resolution
0,05 – 0,3 mm

Print technology
FDM/FFF (Fused Deposition Method)

Nozzle diameter
0,4 mm/ 0,8mm/ 1,2mm

Print bed
Heated bed (20 – 60 degrees)

Filament detection

Ups system
Resume after power outrage




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